Comparison Between Aluminium Fencing And Steel Fencing

aluminium fencing

What is used to mark a boundary, to enclose an area or to prevent a person from escaping or entering certain place? Yes, you have guessed it right; it’s the fences which work as a boundary for a specific area. Fences are not only installed to claim a certain territory as people also like to install the fences to have privacy, for the safety purposes as well as for aesthetic reasons. The usage of installing fences is not limited to the residential places only because lot of commercial places have also installed these fences around their territory. Most commonly the fence installed in commercial areas are for aesthetic purposes and in residential areas are for privacy reasons. If we would like to define fence elaborately then we can say that fences are the kind of structures that are installed to define boundaries of specific property, to separate land from another piece of land, to provide safety or to give aesthetic appeal to a place. In this article; we will be discussing about the comparison between aluminium fencing in sydney and steel fencing.

Comparison between aluminium fencing and steel fencing:

 Basically; all fences are of the same kind but the difference lies in the element that is used to make a fence. There are different types of fencing varying from aluminium fences to timber ones. People are often in dilemma before making a decision of installing the kind of a fence and most commonly they are confused between steel and aluminium fences. Aluminium fences are the type of fences that are quite solid in property and have non- magnetic features. They do not have a shiny appearance and are have an actual colour of whitish blue (but can be changed). The best property of aluminium fences is that they have high resistance against corrosion. On the other hand; steel fences are also hard and ductile like aluminium but there resistivity is not as high as that of aluminium fences.  

Timber fence cost:

Timber fences are yet another type of fences which are basically installed for marking certain territory and for providing aesthetic look to the place. Most commonly; these types of fences are seen in rural areas where they mark a boundary of farms, open fields and parks. Treated pine and cedar fences are two such types of timber fences which are regarded as the best among all others. The reason for preferring them is that they have long lasting property and also comes in affordable prices.


Fencing is the process of installing barriers around a certain land to mark a territory. These fences differ from one another on the basis of the element that is used in their making. You can get the best quality of fences installed in your place (be it the aluminium fencing or the timber fences) by contacting “just fencing Sydney”.