Customization And Fabrication Of Metal

To make something of metal is tough, but what’s even tougher is to amend, customize and fabricate the metal (especially when it’s in furnished position or completed position). There are so many functions which comes under the umbrella of great sheet metal fabrication very common are discussed below:

Twisting and turning: usually people use both words interchangeably although there is a hell of a difference twisting is entirely a different scenario whereas, turning is simple whereas twisting is something related to extreme pressure, heating and reshaping the metal in a creative way. On the other hand turning is like left, right and whatever turns. Metal twisting is something really tough and need the combination of pressure, molding and mechanism. Go here  for more information about custom metal fabrication. 

Forging: With the help of compressive forces which involves shaping of the metal. Moreover forging involves hot forging and cold forging; hot forging is done by heating the metal and then let it cold to get into the desired shape. Forged metal may vary in weight range starts from a kilo to hundred tons. Kitchenware, cookware, weapons (especially sharped edged) are some common creativities of metal forging.

Extrusion: It’s a formation process of metal in which a piece of a specific size and cross section is suppressed to fall through the die of a tiny cross area, as a result a new form generated of the same metal. Plenty of cross sections are produced with the help of the same process.  To simplify we can say in order to reduce the huge metal piece into a certain shape is known as extrusion.

Welding: Obviously metal pieces and components cannot be attached with glue or something; it needs to be welded properly in order to remain the way it has been attached. There are two basic kinds of welding, gas welding and electric welding. Each has its own significance and uses, usually iron and steel attachments are done through electric welding. Whereas, gas welding is something specifically related to attach something like AC components and things which requires some tender attachments.

Drilling: This is something technical and vast function under metal customization. Drilling is a process which contains the involvement of several bits, bits (like iron stick with a twisted part at the front which can go through the iron plates and steel plates). One can choose to make a hole of any size with the help of a drill.

Drawing: it is more of a same thing as Extrusion but this involves specifically thinning of the metal. Imagine a thick metal plate, if passed through a die to make it thinner or to some specific shape. to make the size of the metal thinner by passing it through the die is known as drawing.

Casting: it’s the process which is done in a liquid form. The material is dropped into a frame which contains a hole, after passing through which metal becomes a desired shape (which is then left to solidify). That’s how they make jewelry and other molding metal shapes.