Inventive Ways To Use Your Classroom’s Whiteboards


Regardless of whether you are an instructor or an understudy, you have most likely been before your study hall’s whiteboards a few times. As a note-taker during a PBL meeting to generate new ideas, when attracting your best outline to help your clarification or basically to list the conversation’s central matters, the magnetic whiteboards are an unavoidable instrument. Shockingly, the utilization of the whiteboards is regularly not imaginative. Brain guides, records or drawings are the go-to sources. However, there are far more inventive approaches to utilize this homeroom staple! Here are five interesting points in your next class to improve any learning experience.

Switching Roles

Rather than giving all the duty to the note-taker, why not switch functions all through the class? Giving over the marker to a friend can be a simple method to invigorate the conceptualizing cycle and acquaint another point of view with a brain map. It additionally encourages understudies to adjust to others’ learning measures, in this manner improving synergistic aptitudes.

Catch it

Understudies regularly leave the study hall taking photos of the whiteboards, as a token of the examined subjects during readings or for a review when reading for the test. Clarity is an issue, however. Yet, as usual, there is an application for that! There are currently different filtering applications accessible that will transform your whiteboards pictures into simple to peruse pdf’s that will make life a smidgen more coordinated.

Reversing the table

Rather than turning your back to the conversation when writing down data on the whiteboards, it very well may be ideal to coordinate everybody in the discussion. Dry-eradicate paint or stickers will transform any surface into whiteboards, including your homeroom tables. Presently everybody can accumulate around and be a piece of the conversation and the note-taking cycle. Joint effort increments and conceptualizes become more intelligent, bringing about more profitable instructional exercises.


As a note-taker, it tends to be overpowering to manage all the thoughts coming from the homeroom. By consolidating a whiteboards mind-map with actually altered post-its from all companions, notes can turn out to be more complete. Moreover, everybody currently gets an opportunity to be a piece of the note-taking cycle while as yet having the note-taker in the focal position.

A Digital Experience

Innovation has consistently had a great deal to bring to the table to schooling, and numerous study halls have grasped the smartboard. Yet, there are simpler approaches to digitize the whiteboards experience. By turning the projector to the whiteboards rather than the projector screen, you establish an intelligent climate where visuals can be added to the note-taking cycle. Clarifications will become clearer and another measurement is given to any introduction. For more information visit our website: